I am in the city’s maw; I recognize the density of pigeons, paralleled only by bare knees. I am standing on a name, one with a bad memory affixed to it, that has been fingered into cement. Dew rests on my head from an afternoon shower. I am shedding hair, though it does not increase my beauty, so I am not attached to it. I contemplate using bottled water, but I think it may have a higher mineral content than the water that runs through the veins of my apartment building. Hard water is an enemy, but not mine, so I forget about my hair and go back to spitting on the name that has been fingered into cement.

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“Coffee grinds are good for your skin,” she said.
I think of my coffee machine. I know there are grinds resting there, blanketed by mold, perhaps aspergillosis mold, that remind me of a lamb’s ear leaf.
I think of my lamb’s ear plant. It is nearly dead.
“Does skin cancer ever make you anxious, too” I asked, to invoke a reaction. I fingered the hole in my trouser pocket and ran my finger along the stubble as I waited. She stared not at me, but beyond me, past my right ear, and did not blink. I imagined that a brille replaced her moist, tumefied eyelid. I imagined she was going through a slow and torturous ecdysis when I noticed she pet her peeling skin. 
She was a very ugly girl.


yew move understars gathering moist trails on gingham
a dwarf shrub of purple bell flowers, where the wasps nestle
i won’t forget your nose, promise
for sure hilary duff uses conditioner
oil builds up like how the night is darkest before the dawn
a clean slate has a lot to do with amnesia
hit your head hard enough without going to bed forevr
moon light sort of sits on parts of the blanket
my drugs melt in the creases
sticky wet tongue 
occasionally covered in cheese
how i’ve missed you

top 3 thorn in my side for sure

you know when you stare at the sky and
it’s quiet all around you
and then you just piss in your pants
don’t you hate it when that

i held the juice funny

sucking ice with some thing’s curly black hair stuck inside
been walking before the light tells me to
it’s a fuzzy feeling
sometimes i eat chocolate and stare at the ceiling and
try to remember all of my bookmarks
like what-time-did-the-third-plane-hit-the-world-trade-center.html
another time i put
pineapple fingerprints all over the faucet handles on purpose
i tried to not wash my hands for awhile but then i 
had to touch a dick

drunk texintg

it smells lemony 
i;ll still eat it tho

thinking about pissing myself later

1 note 1 note 1 note
i googled him for the first time in years
burrowed frows suggest deep thought though right
i’ll stop calling don’t worry
fading to sleep asking myself
is that a sopranos reference
or is that just yo9ur fucking face


a haiku by craigslist user xevirus


a haiku by craigslist user xevirus

two white breasts are battered
the sun strokes them with a tender eye
drinking through a hole from bruised skin
blood travels to the heart like
a snail licks the pavement
kidney shaped serving tray on sale nine ninety nine
bilirubin hits the tiles
stock image girl’s right finger(s) stained yellow from nicotine
it’s only a case of millennial narcissism
that caused the marks on her lower extremities
i eat my tuna sandwich and fall back asleep
to be woken up by a needle at three