two white breasts are battered
the sun strokes them with a tender eye
drinking through a hole from bruised skin
blood travels to the heart like
a snail licks the pavement
kidney shaped serving tray on sale nine ninety nine
bilirubin hits the tiles
stock image girl’s right finger(s) stained yellow from nicotine
it’s only a case of millennial narcissism
that caused the marks on her lower extremities
i eat my tuna sandwich and fall back asleep
to be woken up by a needle at three

mock-up of prolly nothing

mock-up of prolly nothing

i am a sapiosexual but
sometimes i will
lick the boy with the abs clean

slow thesis

slow thesis


my dark arm hair casually dances
when the plastic fan turns to face me

i climb a pine tree
to get away from the school children walking hand in hand
on the gasoline pavement
pain is a happy family

in the back of the car i finger myself
my period has nearly ended

i am humble and nubile
i am the eyelash trapped in your eye socket

my body is most tender there
ripped open by pinpricks

he feels inside of me with plastic coated fingers
'quite large — like the ocean’

portrait of a sad beautiful girl in black blouse

water soaked the black blouse

against her forehead
hiding the 
illness behind her lips

her type of mourning 

she remembers this as they take her portrait
the copper rose stain of sick
sticks to her skin

as she thinks

'look beautiful'


no one will ever know how it feels

the therapist said to the teenage girl

her arms peppered with beauty marks

a present from her ancestors

she could barely keep the woman’s head 

upon her shoulder

the child’s hair stuck to her face her tears like

honey just like

that one time she wept on the shoulder of

the man with the plastic bags

on the bus

she remembered the rum she had

for breakfast the girl could smell it on her now

she was sure so she

pulled away, thanked her

the girl got up silently her bracelets scattering down her wrist

pushed the therapist’s hair back and

began to braid the moist chunks

this calmed them both

the therapist shifted her eyes to the

corner of the room


her next patient in three


yes, she thought 

these meds are definitely not working

something maybe

something maybe